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Spain is the Endurance Queen: it means gold medal in the FEI Meydan Endurance Championship for Young Riders and Juniors 2018 (Pisa, Italy).



The Spanish team with his third consecutive gold medal shows Winners: Raquel Costa Codina with Tunez Cost; Bruna  Pujols Aumatell with Ulkiem Kelenn; Martina  Codina Sala Planell with Cs Rogelia.


Silver medal goes to Italy’s Niccolò Trotta (Quassia Distinta), Carola Dino (Colorado), Camilla Coppini (Alkimia), Valentina Galli (Agadir by Galuska) e Aurora Salvati (Nevosu). This result confirms the silver medal reached in 2016.


Spain also won the individual title, thanks to Raquel Costa Codina (Tunez Cost). The silver individual medal goes - for the first time - to Slovakia with Michaela Supekova (Girola de Quercus).


 The French Lilou Tomas Arnaud (Scherazade Larzac) reached the bronze.




Chef d’Equipe, Ignasi Casas:

“Spain team is a family. We are lucky because we can work together all the days and we live near in Cataloña. Endurance is a philosophy of life and the girls are hard worker. This is the third consecutive gold medal team at the Continental Championship, a result due to the importance of Endurance in Spain. Raquel, our individual gold medal was extraordinary and kept calm until the end”.


Raquel Costa Codina:


“I can’t believe, it is like a dream came truetea. I have done my best, trusting in my horse. Tunez Cost was born at home so we grow up together. My team is my family e we enjoyed a lot. I thing the finish line makes the difference.”.


Lilou Tomas Arnaud:


“I have decided the strategy race with my team-mate Emma Frances. We start following the Spanish team until the finish line. Scherazade Larzac has an hard character and hates the plastic bottle, but I am sure she has a “bon coeur”.


Michaela Superkova:


“I can’t believe to be the individual silver medal. This is the first Endurance Slovakian title and my first European Championship. My team is formed by: my sister and me, but of course our family is always present. The most difficult part in the truck has been the last loop, because it was a little bit different from the other ones and my horse was not used, but I am really happy”.





Chef d’EquipeFausto Fiorucci:


“I am the head of the Italian team since two months. Since the first day my keyword was “the team first of all”. We were competitive and we fought together until the end”.

Valentina Galli: “the silver medal team is a great satisfaction, because it is my first European Championship.

Today the Italian team win: I would thank
Niccolò Trotta, who sacrificed his individual climb to stay close to me during the third loop.

I was tired and he motivated me following the directions of the coach Fiorucci”.

Carola Dino:“This medal is for my horse Colorado, for my family and for my trainers Pietro Moneta and Sara Guzzoni".  


Camilla Coppini: “I thank my family, a real Endurance experts. They have made this silver medal possible. At home we are also a team: my sister Caterina is the number one, my dad is my trainer, and my mum takes care of me and my horse”.


Niccolò Trotta: “I started ride in Endurance race at 15 years old, I wasn’t really a child, and now Endurance is my life. Today I think that the secret to win a medal team is being toughs and strong. I would thank Bruno Mollo, the owner, the trainer and the farrier of Quassia Distinta”.


The countdown is over: Toscana Endurance Lifestyle announced his fourth edition


Today, in The Allegroitalia Tower Plaza Hotel of Pisa, the Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2018 hold the press conference. Two events will be held, from today to 27th of July, in the Hippodrome and the Estate of San Rossore : FEI Meydan Endurance Championship for young riders and juniors (26th of July) and the H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Italy Endurance Festival (27thof July), with 400 horses and 36 nations ready to the starting line.


The Hippodrome and the Estate of San Rossore will use 224.000 liters of water, 75 tons of ice and 1.650 kilowatt.


Raffaella Bonsague, deputy mayor of Pisa: “I am representing a new administration, and we have married the Toscana Endurance Lifestyle to be together in the future. Starting from tonight we will live three full days of emotions with the best young riders of Europe and the strongest seniors across the globe”.


Giovanni Maffei Cardellini, President of the Park Migliarino San Rossore Masaciuccoli, “the territory of the park goes from Viareggio to Livorno and Pisa: 35 kilometres of beaches, dune, forest, lakes and wet areas. The core of the park is the Estate of San Rossore, a perfect place for horses, over the centuries”.


Cosimo Bracci Torsi,President of Alfea: “We are writing a tradition. My family has deep equestrian root, so I only can hope that San Rossore continue to be the Paradise of the horses. I would thank Gianluca Laliscia for having opened the doors of San Rossore to the Endurance”.


Valter TamburiniPresident of the Camber of the Commerce of Pisa: “I would thank H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Gianluca Laliscia. I remember our first contact in 2015, at that time the Toscana Endurance Lifestyle was gamble, but today I am very glad to have already planned the future with the two next edition”.


Giuseppe Bicocchi, Vice President of the FISE: “This is Sport! This is Endurance, the second most practiced FEI equestrian discipline in the world, following Show-jumping. On behalf of the Italian Equestrian Federation I would like to thank Gianluca Laliscia and his Team, because our duty, which is also our mission, is to enhance the diffusion of the Equestrian disciplines, bringing the great public to meet this most magnificent life and sports companion: the horse.”

Mohammed Essa Al Adhab, General Manager of the Dubay Equestrian Club: “I am proud to see all these young riders, because they are the future. We are the actors of a team work. I really thanks H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for the support and the results that are linked with his love for the horses.  I am sure we will continue to support sport. Moreover I really thankfull all the sponsors that spend time and money on our project: the growth of Endurance”.

Manuel Bandeira de Meilo, FEI Endurance Director : “ This is a unique opportunity, which sees involved the best organizers in the world for an international project and an exciting fixture very much focused on the next generation of athletes. On behalf of the Fédération Equestre Internationale I send my best wishes to everyone involved for a wonderful week filled with friendship, fun and top sport”.


Gianluca Laliscia, Chairman of “This is a goal and a new starting line. We always worked hardly to organize events of great importance to bring the sport to bigger audiences.Our sport needs this.


Promoting the further growth and development of Endurance is our priority as the horse and riders combination security and the welfare of horses”.


After the FEI Endurance Championship and the H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Italy Endurance Festival, San Rossore will host the The FEI World Endurance Championship under 21 and the FEI World Endurance Championship Young Horses 2019 and the FEI World Championship 2020.





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