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Insiste el gran estadounidense en los conceptos elementales con expresiones algo irónicas pero de buen talante y acertadas. Ofrecemos algunas de sus frases extaidas de

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George on contact:


“Constantly check that the horse accepts contact with a short rein and closed fingers.”

“Shorten the rein, close your fingers, raise your hand till he starts to accept the aid.”

“If the horse raises his head, raise your hand.”

“If the horse lowers his head, lower your hand.”

“Raise and close your hand if the horse gets heavy.” “Subtle him. It’s leg/hand, leg/hand, not hand/leg.” “Your horse’s mouth should be white.” :)


George on transitions:


“It’s the frequency of the transitions.”

“Canter/walk transition every eight strides if your horse is too fast.”

“It’s supposed to be active but slow.”

“Your horse should sit into the walk.”

“To halt, sink, stretch, leg on, then hand.”


Back to contact:


“Raise your hand.”

“Raise your hand.”

“Raise your hand.” (you get it)


George on jumping:


“Do not worry about your horse’s head being too high.”

“Once you see your distance, lower your hand.”

“Allow your horse to hit the poles. Don’t carry him over the jumps.”

“If you fall off, don’t pet him. Get back on quick and ride!”

“I love to stop in a straight line.”

“Horses hate corners, so stop in the corner.”

“Jump crew, hurry up!”


George on use of stick and spur:


“Make it quick, don’t nag or repeat.”

“Don’t be too intense. You’re not the Statue of Liberty!”


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