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He is undoubtedly THE rider of the week and perhaps THE rider of the year! Belgium’s Niels Bruynseels dominated Grimaud’s huge ring (again) in the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s fourth CSI 5* Grand Prix. The World number 15 on Gancia de Muze, a mount that commentators consider more and more to be “the best mare in the world currently”, finished ahead of his fellow countryman Jos Verlooy, the two-time Belgian national champion with Igor, and Italy’s Alberto Zorzi, who was third, with Vauban du Trio. The best French performance was achieved by Roger- Yves Bost, the Olympic team gold medallist, who was fifth with Sangria du Coty.

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“Gancia always knows what to do and she likes winning. All I have to do is ride well! She jumped really well again today and I really felt that she jumped this course and this jump- off very easily and enthusiastically. Gancia is naturally very quick and she’s very experienced. She knows that it’s the Grand Prix and she tries to do everything possible to be the best. We go back a long way together. We have a really special bond. Additionally, in the first round, I didn’t really look at the other riders. I don’t really base myself on the others when I am riding, Garcia as she isn’t like any other horse. I know how I need to ride my round as soon as I walk the course.

She’s a mare with a lot of character. When she’s at home, she likes to stay on her own, quietly. She’s not very keen on working on the flat, so we take her outside a lot. My team and I try to do everything for her on a daily basis. We do everything possible to make sure she’s in the best conditions. She’s a princess, the star of the stables and she knows it!"

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