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With four French riders out of the nine qualified in the 5* Grand Prix jump-off today, there was every reason for France to be hopeful, after Nicolas Delmotte’s victory in the CSI 4* last weekend. And although France was able to count on some of the fastest riders in the world, such as Simon Delestre and Julien Epaillard, Ireland’s Denis Lynch was the winner with Cristello. A look back on a thrilling Grand Prix and jump-off.

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Denis Lynch (IRL) : “Despite winning today, I wouldn’t say that the Grand Prix was easy: it was quite the opposite. I haven’t been riding Cristello long enough to go into Grands Prix effortlessly.  Indeed, we bought him in December and then we were obliged to stop building our combination due to the lockdown, when we had got off to a good start. So we started again from scratch when we were allowed to start competing again. And I must say our most recent shows have gone really well. Last week we were unlucky in the Grand Prix of Valkenswaard where we had one down. Today I had a great feeling; I said to myself: “It’s our turn!” I’m delighted how Cristello performed in the ring! Despite everything, we’re still getting to know each other; I know he’s a very brave horse and he’s also very big (smiles). I now know that we have a good chance of winning, thanks to his big strides and his fighting spirit. It’s great to compete in these kinds of classes with him: he’s always looking for the next fence to jump, is very careful and willing. I’m really lucky to have him in my stables.”

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