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Oliva Álvarez García y Emilio Torres Solano acceden a la Final (2 Mangas) del sábado13 de julio pues ocupan respectivamente los puestos 12º y 13º.


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Germany and the Netherlands were the only two countries that kept the zero on the scoreboard in two rounds in De Wolden. A jump-off had to give a definite answer as to which team could call itself the European Champion. In the end it was the Netherlands that won the European Children's title for the first time in history. Germany came in silver and Great Britain ended in the bronze position.

Emma Bocken ( Dagma v.Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve), Jorinde Dolfijn ( Providence v.Air Jordan Z) and Finn Boerekamp ( Gradini v.Diarado) all set two sublime clear rounds in the country competition. With Theo 149 (s.Talkative), Thijmen Vos noted ten penalty points in the first round and recovered strongly in the second.The 13-year-old rider only got a bad luck on the way and got stuck on four penalty points.


As the first participant, Bocken immediately set a clear round in a time of 39.57 and increased the pressure on the German team. Germany's first combination had to score four penalty points in 43.12 and that made it 1-0 for the Netherlands. Vos had to collect four penalty points and finished in 41.40. The second rider for Germany set up a clear round in 41.61 and with that, both countries got on with it.Dolphin came third at the start and drove a strong clear round in 40.92 and put the ball to the Germans. The third German duo laid two beams in the sand with a time of 40.36 and with that everything came in the hands of Finn Boerekamp.Boerekamp kept a cool head, rode a clear round with some luck here and there.The Netherlands was a size too big for Germany and was crowned European Champion.


In the individual classification, the Netherlands still has three irons in the fire.Emma Bocke, Jorinde Dolfijn and Finn Boerekamp are still at zero and still have a chance of winning the individual medals



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